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Elena and Havana about us pramglam

At pramglam, we believe in keeping what we love in sight. Therefore our core aim is to help you keep your eyes on what you love most in the world - your baby! We also love helping your little one keep in view what they love most - you!


We know that turning your baby around in the stroller for the first time can be an emotional moment! As a parent, you're excited to let your little one engage more with the world around them - but it can also be sad when you can no longer see your baby's sweet little face while on walks together. Not to mention, it can be stressful for baby (uh, where did mom and dad go?!). The pramglam Looky Lou stroller mirror allows for a smooth transition from a parent-facing to forward-facing stroller seat. It offers many benefits to both baby and parent (or any loved one pushing the stroller) including peace of mind for parents, greater security for baby, increased bonding and connection between carer and baby, plus emotional comfort and accelerated development for baby. 

At pramglam, it is our personal mission to bring connection back to your walks with your baby, one pram at time. That's why we encourage you to glam up your pram with our Looky Lou stroller mirror. And above all, on your walks and in life, may you never lose sight of what you love.

pram glam founder

A note from our Founder

Hi! I'm Elena, the company founder and creator of pramglam.

The little cutie pictured all over our site is Havana- my daughter and the inspiration behind pramglam.

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