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Giving Back

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  – Winston Churchill

Each Sale Benefits Children In Need

We Are Committed to Giving Back

At Pramglam, we believe in keeping what we love in sight. We also believe in giving back and helping those in need. When the idea for Pramglam was first born, we knew early on that we wanted charity to be one of the founding pillars of the company. So, from our very first sale, we committed to incorporating a way to give back. 


What exactly does this mean? 

We are committed to donating 10% of all our profits to a charitable organization. This means every purchase of the Looky Lou Stroller Mirror not only benefits you and your child - but other children and families too!  To begin, our donations will be made quarterly. While the organization will change periodically, we are focused on organizations that specifically help children and families with small children in need. Why this cause? Well, we’ve heard it said that heartbreak delivers your purpose and when something breaks your heart, that is where you are called to help. Honestly, there is nothing that breaks our hearts quite as much as the thought of a sick or hurting child, and our hearts ache for the parents of these children. So, quite simply, this is where we feel called to help. However, the most well-known charities are not always the best-run charities. Therefore, we are also committed to selecting charities that are most effective at giving to those who need it most.


First Up

The very first organization we’ve chosen to support is our local Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Why this charity? To begin, having our headquarters in Dayton, the hospital is close to our hearts – and close geographically. Donations to the Dayton Children’s Hospital provide life-saving and life-changing medical care to children in the Dayton community and beyond. They are a community of pediatric experts committed to going above and beyond to make sure children are taken care of. This hospital believes every child deserves a great children’s hospital close to home with specialists who provide exceptional care and unwavering compassion – and we couldn’t’ agree more. Which is why we’re proud to give to them first. You can learn more about the hospital and all the ways they are helping children HERE


The organization is voted 100 on .

Next Up

Moving forward, please check this page regularly to learn more about the impact your purchase has had on others. We’ll be circling back every few months to tell you about what we’ve donated and how your purchase has helped those in need. This is also where we’ll let you know what organization we’ll be supporting next. 


Interested in giving more?

You can donate directly to Dayton Children’s HERE


Is there another charity you love?

Email and let us know about it! We have causes and organizations near and dear to our hearts … but we’d also love to hear about the charities near and dear to yours! Drop us a line telling us about your favorite organization, and we might select them as an upcoming partner!

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