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A list of our most frequently asked questions - along with the answers!


Do I really need the Looky Lou  stroller mirror?

Like most baby products, you might not NEED it. But once you try it, we can guarantee you'll WANT it. After all, what parent doesn't like to look at their baby? The added hours of interaction you'll get with your baby make it a gotta have item for us - plus there are so many other benefits (peace of mind for parents -especially if you let baby eat in the pram, greater security for baby, increased bonding and connection between carer and child, plus emotional comfort and accelerated development for your little one... just to name a few).  Check out our blog to learn more about the benefits baby can get from our Looky Lou mirror. 


Is the mirror universal? Will it fit on my stroller?

YES! We worked hard to design a product that would attach securely to all strollers. However, as stroller size and shapes vary by brand and model, this may impact where you choose to secure the mirror. 


How Do I Assemble the Looky Lou?

The Looky Lou will arrive in two pieces. You will first need to unscrew the small ring from the back of the mirror frame. Pop this ring over the ball of the gooseneck and then pop the frame on the ball of the gooseneck. Twist the small ring clockwise until it is tight and mirror is secure. Lastly, make sure to remove the protective film from the mirror before use :)

For a video tutorial of how to assemble, please click HERE.


Where Should I Attach the Looky Lou?

We get this question a lot and the answer is... it depends! It will depend both on the model of your stroller as well as your personal preference. We suggest you play around with what feels right for you and baby. 


For a video tutorial showing where we like to place our Looky Lou, please click HERE


Can I use the product for anything else?

We created the Looky Lou stroller mirror to fill a unique need in the baby market- allowing parents to see and interact with their babies while in the forward facing position in the stroller. That being said, you can absolutely use the mirror in other ways if you like! For example, we've had parents use the mirror during bike rides with children and others have clamped the mirror onto baby's cot to help sooth and entertain their little ones while in the crib. 


I've just placed an order.
When will I get my mirror?

First, thank you for your order! We can't wait for you and baby to enjoy all of the benefits the Looky Lou offers! Once you place an order, your order will ship within three business days via the USPS and you will be provided tracking via email as soon as your order ships. Estimated time from date of shipping is 2-5 days.


Should I be worried my baby will pull or kick the mirror off our stroller and break the glass?

We designed the product to withstand even the toughest toddler! The clamp is easy for adults to take on and off, but will remain in place if pulled, kicked or knocked by baby. This is due to the durable yet flexible design of the gooseneck. For further peace of mind, you can be assured that if the mirror is dropped, it will not break. Unlike a traditional glass mirror, our mirror is made from a shatter-proof material, chosen with young children in mind (who wants to risk the bad luck, anyway)! It is further encased in a quality, durable frame designed to keep the mirror safe from any scratches or damage. From our experience, your child will quickly adjust to having the mirror on the pram and will be happy to leave it alone. 


Will the stroller mirror concentrate heat or light on my baby's face? Is it safe to use?

When first creating the product, this was one of our main concerns too! But fear not- the special convex shape used on our mirrors has been specially designed to separate, dull and disperse light as to not reflect heat onto baby! With this said, it is never advised to look directly at the sun, even through a mirror - so if you see the sun shining directly onto the mirror, we advise lightly adjusting the angle down, away from baby's eyes. This can also give baby a chance to look at themselves, which can be a lot of fun too!

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