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Benefits of Using a Stroller Mirror

Updated: May 26, 2022

What are the Benefits of using the Looky Lou Stroller Mirror? Do I really need it?

View of baby in Looky Lou Mirror
Benefits of Using a Stroller Mirror

Like most baby products, you might not NEED it. But once you try it, we can guarantee you'll WANT it. And you will likely see it as a necessity after just a few uses. After all, what parent doesn't love to look at their baby? The added hours or interaction you'll get with your baby make it a gotta have item for us - plus there are so many other benefits the mirror offers. A few of our top reasons are included here.

We personally love using the stroller mirror – mainly because we simply enjoy seeing what our little one is up to on our walks together! Add in the other benefits, and using the mirror becomes a no-brainer!

Top Benefits of the Looky Lou Include:

1- Allows parents to easily monitor baby: How many times have you stopped alongside the pram to see what baby is up to? Has this woken up baby, who was just about to drift off to sleep? Or has it caused a previously content child to suddenly want to be picked up or taken out of the stroller? Or have you been horrified to see that baby was being pushed around with a hat over his eyes or her neck twisted in a funny position after having fallen asleep? With a simple glance down, you can now make sure your baby is happy and comfortable while out for walks together.

2- Offers parents peace of mind: Forget worrying about whether your little one has thrown the pacifier or toy on the ground – or if they have grabbed something dangerous that they aren’t meant to have. With a simple glance at the mirror, parents can see if their baby is happy, safe and comfortable- which then allows parents to relax and simply enjoy the time with their baby. This is especially true for parents who allow children to eat in the pram. Gone are the days of having to stop every 10 seconds to peer over the hood of the pram to make sure baby isn’t choking!

3- Provides emotional comfort for baby: With the mirror, not only can you see your baby- your baby can also see you! Seeing a familiar face provides emotional comfort for children, allowing them to feel safe and content when turned forward-facing in a pram. Ironically, most parents turn their babies around in the pram around the 9-month mark – the exact same time that separation anxiety develops! There is a wealth of information available on the negative side effects of separation anxiety (both immediate and long-term) - but the Looky Lou Stroller Mirror can help ease the anxiety, by allowing babies to remain connected to their caretaker during this critical development period.

4- Fosters baby’s development: Social interaction, eye contact and talking with baby all play a critical role in baby’s brain development and no other time is as critical as the first few years of baby’s life. In fact, studies have shown that the amount of face-to-face interaction a baby receives during their first few years of life could actually later determine social, emotional and intellectual ability. With the Looky Lou stroller mirror, you can more easily offer baby the stimulation they need for brain development in the first critical years of life.

5- Promotes increased bonding and connection with baby: It only makes sense that parents are more likely to talk to and engage with their little ones when they can actually see them! Several studies have found that parents are twice as likely to talk to their babies when they are facing backwards (versus forwards) in a pram - simply because they can see them. Babies are also more likely to smile when facing backwards with eyes on mom or dad. Yet, many parents choose to turn their baby around so they can take in more of the world around them. The pram mirror allows the best of both worlds! After attaching the mirror, parents have reported back to us that they didn’t realize how much they were actually missing out on before using it. Now, every smile at a stranger, wave to passing bus or look of delight at a falling leaf can be shared between caregiver and child.

6- Promotes sleep- We’ve personally found our little one falls asleep much quicker in the pram since adding the mirror. This is no surprise, as a 2008 study demonstrated that babies in rear-facing strollers were twice as likely to fall asleep on a walk than babies who were in the forward-facing strollers. The theory being that babies can more easily fall asleep when they know mum or dad is nearby. The Looky Lou stroller mirror essentially offers this same sense of security. Further, being able to easily see when your little one is getting sleepy and drifting off means parents know when to turn the pram around and head home without having to stop to check on baby and risk pulling them out of sleepy land – thus equating to a little extra “me time” while baby naps.

We personally love using the mirror – mainly because we simply enjoy seeing what our little one is up to on our walks together! Add in the benefits above, and using the mirror becomes a no-brainer! If you’ve used the pramglam Looky Lou stroller mirror we’d love to hear from you on Instagram - so please make sure to tag @pramglam in your photos with the Looky Lou!


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