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Why Mirrors Are So Good For Your Baby

And why you should introduce them to your baby now!

It’s no secret that babies love mirrors! For little ones, looking in the mirror is an act of play. It is fun and it can be endlessly entertaining. Luckily, mirrors are also good for a baby’s development – and they can be a fun way for parents and caretakers to engage and deepen a connection with a baby.

Little ones are innately curious, and a mirror can encourage this curiosity.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Pram- Show me how cute I am!

From the time a baby is born, they love faces – and this holds true for their own face. Little ones are innately curious, and a mirror can encourage this curiosity. Further, mirror play supports a child’s development and learning in several ways:

· Develops visual senses: A mirror allows a baby to practice visual tracking as they watch the reflections of moving things in the mirror

· Develops language skills: even before a baby can talk, parents can point out parts of the body and face and have back and forth conversations through the mirror

· Develops fine and gross motor skills: Mirrors encourage babies to reach, point, touch and grab. Further, babies are also encouraged to move their body to get closer to their reflection

· Develops emotional skills: Mirrors provide a new way to use imitation to teach gestures, facial expressions and other emotional skills

· Develops attention span: Mirrors have a way of catching and holding a baby’s gaze – continued focus on something helps baby’s attention span to grow

· Develops self awareness: over time (somewhere around 18-20 months) baby learns it is their own face in the mirror and they will start to recognize their own reflection

We created the Looky Lou Stroller Mirror so parents could see their child’s face while out on walks together. Well, actually, we created it so we could see our own baby’s face while on walks together … and once we made it, we knew it was something we wanted to share! But the benefits extend far beyond simply being able to see your little one while on the go. All of the benefits listed above can also be gained from using the product.

Our mirror was designed to be attached to a stroller – but it can also be attached to a crib or secure piece of furniture when not on the pram. We carefully selected the shatter proof material that the mirror is made from with your child’s safety in mind. We’ve actually found that most babies don’t pay too much attention to the mirror while out on walks (not when there are so many other things to see!) – however, when stopped at a café or on public transportation, the mirror can be a great way to entertain baby while also supporting their development. So next time you head out, we encourage you to glam up your pram. It’s a win for you and a win for baby!


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