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When to Turn Baby Around in the Stroller

When should baby be turned around to face forward in the pram?

One of the most common questions we get at Pramglam relates to when parents should turn their baby to the forward-facing position in the stroller. Like most things in parenthood – there is no right or wrong answer that holds true for everyone and we support parents choosing to make the change at whatever time feels right. In other words, it’s an individual choice for a parent to make. However, there are a few things to consider that might help make the decision a bit easier:

Like most things in parenthood – there is no right or wrong answer that holds true for everyone and we support parents choosing to make the change at whatever time feels right.”

For Your Consideration

Safety First

Regardless of whether the baby is parent-facing or forward-facing, experts suggest keeping infants in a seat that fully reclines to a flat position or in a bassinet that attaches to the stroller until baby is able to sit up on their own with little or no support. For most babies, this isn’t possible until the little one is at least four or five months old, at which time the head and neck muscles have developed enough for them to support their own head. Only at this time should parents consider a seat where baby sits upright.

Pros of the Parent-facing Direction

1- Increased Engagement with Baby- Research has demonstrated the positive impact of eye contact on babies and how it is vital for their emotional and social development. This is especially true for newborns and infants up to around 9 months old. Further, most parents find it is easier to talk to their baby if they can see them – and research has shown over and over that talking to babies is crucial to their social and language development. Traditionally, parent facing seats allow for more eye contact and thus increase the likelihood of parents talking with baby!

2- Greater Enjoyment for Parents- It’s fun to see what your baby is up to! Watching your little one see and experience things for the first time can be a magical experience for parents – and lots of parents don’t want to miss out on these precious moments! Plus, parents tend to find it easier to relax when they can see what baby is doing and therefore know baby is safe and comfortable.

Pros of Forward-facing Stroller Seats

1- Greater Enjoyment for Baby- facing forward makes it easier for your little one to discover the world around them. More new sights and experience often translates to more enjoyment for baby.

2- Greater Learning Potential for Baby- there’s a greater chance that you and your baby are seeing the same thing when baby is facing forward. If parents use this opportunity to point out and name what they’re seeing, this can help baby develop language skills at a faster speed.

Most parents will at some point make the choice to turn baby around in the stroller – which is why we’re so excited to share our Looky Lou stroller mirror with you. The Looky Lou makes the transition from a parent-facing to forward-facing seat easier than ever before, as parents can still keep their eyes on baby, even when the child is in the forward- facing position. It also makes the transition much less stressful for baby, as they can be assured that mom or dad are close by once the pram is turned around. That’s why we encourage every parent to “glam up your pram” when the time comes to make the switch. No matter when the time comes, as always, we wish you many happy and engaged walks together. May you and your little one never lose sight of what you love xoxo


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