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The original rear-view mirror for your stroller.

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Looky Lou Stroller Mirror

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Color: Black
  • The pramglam Looky Lou mirror is the original rear-view mirror for your stroller. With the Looky Lou, parents can now connect and engage with children in a foward-facing stroller!


    Never again lose sight of what you love while on walks with baby! And enjoy all of the benefits it offers - including peace of mind for parents (especially if you let baby eat in the pram!), greater security for baby, increased bonding and connection between carer and baby, plus emotional comfort and accelerated development for your little one. 


    At pramglam, it is our personal mission to bring connection back to walks with your baby, one pram at time. That's why we encourage you to glam up your pram with our Looky Lou stroller mirror.


    Size: Approximately 11inches x 4inches.

    Material: Plastic 

    Care: Use care when first attaching the product to the stroller and when collapsing your stroller (for example, to take it in and out of your vehicle). The gooseneck is meant to be semi-flexible, but should be held at the base when moved and subsequently adjusted with care.

    Cleaning Instructions: Rub gently with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or smudges from the mirror. 

    Safety: This is NOT a toy. Only use while attached to a stroller with adult supervision. 

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