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Three-in-one Universal Stroller Tray for Snacks on the go!

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3 in 1 Universal Stroller Snack Tray

  • Introducing the Pramglam Universal Stroller Snack Tray, a parent's best friend on every outing! Imagine a peaceful walk in the park where your little one has snacks, drinks, toys, and even their favorite shows right at their fingertips. That's the experience we aim to provide. Designed with love and crafted for convenience, our 3-in-1 stroller tray is about creating joyful moments with dedicated compartments for drinks, snacks, toys, and even a mobile phone holder for your little one's entertainment. Thoughtful design meets everyday needs, ensuring everything has its place, including a universal fit that attaches effortlessly to various stroller brands. Easy installation and hassle-free cleaning make it a breeze to use, with high-quality, food-grade ABS plastic ensuring durability and safety through smooth edges. Join the Pramglam family and make every outing an unforgettable adventure with our Universal Stroller Snack Tray.

    Size: Approximately 14.25"L x 5.25"W x 2.25"H

    Material: Plastic 

    Care & Cleaning: Little ones make big messes, and we're here to help! Wipe away the chaos with a damp cloth, and let the drainage holes in the cup holder handle the rest. Your tray will be sparkling clean in seconds.

    Safety: This is NOT a toy. Only use while attached to a stroller with adult supervision.

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